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Uber’s Latest Awful Idea Delivers Personal Loans to Drivers the scene, its advertisements boasted that drivers c

Uber can be considering a little unsecured loan item because of its motorists, relating to a write-up at Vox.

This would be considered with instant doubt by both motorists as well as the public that is investing offered the way the tires already are coming off Uber.

Uber Has Never Cared About Its Drivers

Whenever Uber first arrived in the scene, its advertisements boasted that motorists could earn just as much is $96,000 per year. That quantity had been quickly debunked by a true quantity of various sources, including this writer.

We researched and authored a white paper that demonstrated the normal UberX driver in new york ended up being just very likely to make $17 one hour. Which wasn’t even more than the usual cab motorist ended up being making at that time. Continue reading